THE CHARITY


Our creative team is raising $50,000 to launch an awareness campaign entitled "VISUAL MUSIC PROJECT: ACCESS TO MUSIC NOW!" with a goal of producing professional quality music videos that are accessible to American Sign Language (ASL) consumers.

All too often, approximately 30 millions Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing consumers, who are closed-captions (CC) users and whose language is ASL, continues to be taken for granted or forgotten when new technology emerges with limited or no access for them to its contents such as (Youtube, iTunes, Vevo, Yahoo, Google, etc.) whether from portable devices or from the web.  It's with them in mind that we want to produce and develop all-inclusive methods by which music videos are accessible to everyone through technology.

What do we want to accomplish?

Promote awareness and increase the number of supporters through this campaign by getting the words out using the media and social networking sites. Also, to offer partnership opportunities and collaborative efforts to recruit mainstream and well-recognized companies in the internet and technology fields as well as music industries and media makers/inventors to open their markets to include us as their consumers. This way, we can finally be an integral part of the world of cyber media: interactive information services, the web, and products and technologies.

How can you help?

By donating and supporting our cause, you will help our creative team to move forward to produce more videos when we partner with the music industry by making music videos accessible to sign language consumers everywhere. Music has a magical way of reaching out and touching each and every soul in a different way. It’s supposed to be everybody’s music. We’re real people, with real feelings.

Please see our collection of music videos and other work.
Visual Music Project Campaign

Please contact us at info@micarunway.com if you are interested in pledging a donation or supporting our campaign project. We accept donation via paypal or by mail. Our organization, DeafVision Filmworks, Inc. is 100% tax-deductible.

To learn about us, please visit this site: www.deafvisionfilms.com.

• Please note that 10% of our profits will proceeds to a Deaf Haitian Organization.

June 12 Fundraiser
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