Welcome to our first ever MICA Art 2008!

MICA Arts Exhibition
for Disabled and Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Artists Welcome!!!

There will be prizes for the best artwork.

Submission Deadline Extended: April 30,   2008

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We are very excited that you will join us in the celebration of diversity (Cultural Art.) We have an open submission policy for artwork submitted to us during the run of the MICA Art Exhibition for three days. During the event, we will showcase Disabled and Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Artists of all colors artwork in all mediums, including but not limited to mixed media, video, painting, new media, digital, photography, installation, computer-oriented, or any creative mediums, etc. If you plan to submit sculpture, please contact us.

(21 and over mature adults only)

You will find the guidelines for submitting your artwork for the MICA Art Exhibition.
To read the rest of the guidelines, please download. The guidelines are available in Word doc or PDF version.

MICA Art Guidelines
Word Doc
Adobe PDF

Submit to MICA Art

Word Doc
Adobe PDF


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