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SOMALIA: A Love Story

By raising nearly $30,000 from the MICA Runway 2006 event on Saturday, June 17, 2006 for a documentary film, "9/11 FEAR IN SILENCE: THE FORGOTTEN UNDERDOGS" was completed on November 15, 2006. To learn more about the film, visit: www.911fearinsilence.com.

We are half-way through completing "SOMALIA: A Love Story." We are still in need to raise at least $100,000. We need the fund to covers postproduction, digital to film conversion, festival participations, press kit, distribution, and marketing. “SOMALIA: A Love Story” commenced its production in the fall of 2001. Then continued with the production with added scenes and script rewrites in the Spring 2003. To learn more, visit Somalia the movie..


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                                                                                    Behind the Scene

"SOMALIA: A Love Story" takes viewers on a journey into the world of love and communication between a Deaf woman and two Hearing musicians. Somalia, the main character, is an African American Deaf woman who initially falls for Zavier, a musician. She realizes that his insensitivity and ignorance about deafness and communication issues cause irreparable damage to their relationship. Somalia ultimately leaves Zavier.

By a twist of fate, Somalia falls in love with another musician, a rap poet named Lamar who happens to be in the same band with Zavier. To win her heart, Lamar must prove to Somalia that he understands her world as a deaf woman and how their worlds are intertwined. Ultimately, Lamar learns to express himself through learning her language, American Sign Language.

The movie not only investigates the relationship between Somalia and her romance with two hearing musicians; it also studies how love can transcend and bridge two worlds, acknowledging the roles of Deaf pride and culture, female integrity and self-esteem that plays in Somalia's life. In the film, Lamar and Somalia learn how to conquer their fears and break grounds through love.

Please contact us at: info@deafvisionfilms.com if you are interested. We accept donation via paypal or by mail. DeafVision Filmworks, Inc. is tax-exempted. To learn about us, please visit this site: www.deafvisionfilms.com.


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